All you need is some knowledge and motivation to get the results you want!
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just a reminder

You can sculpt your body naturally with body weight exercises! you dont need to put on gyms and equipment!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

You dont need money to get fit!

People spend too much money on gym memberships and fitness equipment when all they need is a some knowledge, a good diet and dedication!
follow my blog and check it out regularly to find out the keys to getting in shape, burning fat or building muscle!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Added a new calorie calculator to the sidebar!
who needs to go through books for hours finding what he ate when u can just click to select! :)

Little note

i will be posting new info weekly, so keep coming back to check it out!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Creaaatine! the muscle wonder

Creatine is a supplement like protein, it gives energy, strength, and stamina when in the gym. It is naturally produced in the body but in very very little quantities.
There are different types of creatine, each one does something different.
When taken your muscles cells store more water in them making them appear much bigger in mass.. But when you stop taking this supplement you will loose all the water mass. And nobody can take a supplement forever so unless your planning to workout for the upcoming years then its for temporary looks.
Creatine stores water in your muscles, so you need to drink a lot of water while taking it, otherwise you risk damaging your kidneys.

Amino Acid Supplements

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. About 80 amino acids exist but only 20 of them combine to create proteins in the human body.
You can get amino acids naturally like in high protein foods like lean meats and nonfat dairy products, even some vegetables and legumes.
There is a very well known supplement called Amino Fuel, It helps absorb all the proteins you eat (gain muscles mass) and also contains L-Carnitine which helps burn fat.

Is the health industry really about health?

The goal is to define which types of supplements are healthy to consume, what’s the outcome of supplementing or just having a normal diet.
Although no supplements with massive side effects are allowed, some still have hidden ones.
This is also to educate athletes because looking fit has nothing to do with being fit.


Protein shakes are the most important supplement there are. First off, unless you take something crazy like 800 grams of it a day or more, it is completely safe. No side effects or anything. Protein is the most important part of your diet, whether your goals are to gain muscle and get bigger and stronger, or just lose weight and lose fat and stay lean. Protein is the building block of muscle, and without enough of it, your body won't build muscle.
You can get protein in your everyday natural diet but you will need to eat a lot! not many people have time to make chicken breasts all day long or cook red meat… Shakes take just a minute or 2 to prepare, just scoop out the powder, put it in a cup, pour in milk or water and mix it with a spoon, then drink. Each shake has just protein, if you are eating meat it also has fat and carbohydrates, so you also won’t need to burn extra fat.
You should try to get most of your daily protein from regular foods but protein shakes aren't bad.
The best time to have a shake is after a workout because your muscles repair and rebuild after and not during training .
You can find protein supplements in all shapes and sizes suchas powder, bars, drinks…

What body type are you?

There are three types of bodies, each body reacts differently to training and nutrition while bodybuilding.
Ectomorph is if your body is very slim (Skinny) and small boned with hips and shoulders about the same size. You can can gain definition easily but it is difficult to increase muscle mass.
Mesomorph is if you have large bones and shoulders that are wider than your hips, you will be better at gaining muscle.
Endomorph is if your curvy, large boned, hips wider than your shoulders with a nice store of fat. It is possible to tone and shape but it will be a lot harder work.