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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Eat dinner! 6 pack abs TIP 3

Don't follow the fad diets, eat dinner, but have a big protein filled dinner not fatty or sugar loaded food. tuna is great!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summer time, 6 pack abs TIP 2

Stop doing situps! haha did you know that the man that holds the Guinness world record for most situps doesn't have a 6pack!
Do situps every other day if not only 3 times a week.

Summer time, 6 pack abs TIP 1

Summer is arriving and over the next 6 blog posts i am going to give you tips on getting a flat stomach and 6pack Abs so you can walk proudly on the beach.

SO tip #1
Eat carbohydrates! yes i said it, eat carbohydrates but only after your workout!  Eating them after your workout makes the chances of them turning into fat very low! But this doesn't mean you should go all out eating tons of chocolates, if you eat too much of it: it will turn into fat, all in moderation. Carbs from sweet potatoes and brown rice are very good for you. If you don't workout you should have carbs for breakfast and lunch not anytime after.